Beast Breakers



    "Mom, Dad... I WILL take back Tokyo!"
    "Beast Breakers" is a full-scale action game you can play with just one finger!
    You play as Kazuma, a young boy who is fighting against giant half-machine, half-monsters called "Beasts" in order to reclaim Tokyo.
    The fate of Tokyo rests at your fingertip!

    ・An action game designed specifically for a smartphone!
    You only need one hand! Simple, yet exciting touch controls! Easy to play in short bursts! We designed a game system perfectly suited for a smartphone.
    A classical touch-action game that anybody can enjoy!

    ・Simple yet exciting touch controls
    We sought to create game controls perfectly suited for touch-screen smartphones.
    Slash, Punch, Jump, or Spin!! You need only one finger to tap and swipe your way through exhilarating battles!

    ・Awesome Visuals!
    we packed as much high-impact action into this game as we could!
    With smooth, dynamic animation, the characters take control of the entire screen!

    ・Fun to play! Choose from a large selection of weapons in three distinct types.
    Sword-type weapons: each with an invincible special attack.
    Axe-type weapons: each with a highly destructive Power Attack.
    Knuckle-type weapons: great for mobility and high-speed combo attacks.
    Change your equipment to give yourself the upper hand against whatever Beast comes your way!
    Explore the many different equipment combinations to defeat your enemies!

    ・Level your character, gather items, and create new weapons!

    ・Defeat Beasts to level up your character.

    ・Build hundreds of different armors and weapons from the materials you gather from defeated Beasts.

    ・Invite your friends to play with you!
    Team up with your friends to defeat the stronger Beasts! Use Bluetooth to connect with a friend and fight side by side!

    ・Amazing voice acting!
    The game's three navigators are played by these talented young voice actresses: Minami Tsuda, Yuka Saito, and Yukiyo Fujii.
    They will lend you a hand and give you advice during combat.

    ・Character designs done by the talented illustrator Robin Kishiwada!
    Known for her work illustrating the "Eureka Seven" novels and her character designs for the Nintendo DS game "Lux-Pain."

    ■Important notes : regarding installation and game play.

    ・AndroidOS Requirements
    Android 2.3.1 or higher required, Android 4.0.0 or higher recommended.
    * Some older devices may still experience problems running this application.

    How to use Multiplayer Mode
    In order to play with a friend using Bluetooth, you must first pair the two devices to each other.
    Please go to the "BLUETOOTH SETTINGS" menu to pair devices.
    Refer to "Bluetooth Setup Guide" for more details about this process.
    ※Bluetooth connections may become unstable or not work at all depending on your environment and the condition of your device.

    (C)Tokyo Otaku Games / Developed with Your Games Co. Ltd. and TAYUTAU K.K.

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