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Block Smasher 3D Game - Action & Reaction Break out - Don't miss it!

Block Smasher is a addictive brainteasers breakout style 3D game. More than just entertainment, it’s designed to improve your concentration and mental ability to do successful strategies to move up to next level.

Block Smasher is a compelling board game for all ages including kids and teenagers in which the player must free smash/hit a wall of blocks or bricks by deflecting a bouncing fire ball with a paddle. The paddle move horizontally (left or right) and is controlled by either motion or touch event. When all the bricks or blocks have been destroyed, play advances to a new level. As they move up to higher level, it's harder to hit the specially arranged blocks to gain high scores. You are allowed to use specific number of life's throughout out the game,

✓ 5 Unique levels from easy to hard
✓ Beat your own high score with reset option.
✓ Charming background music and sound effects will please you during the game play.
✓ Use motion controls or use the on-screen buttons to move the paddle left or right.
✓ Break as many blocks as you can and make a high score.
✓ More levels to come soon.

Arcade action top fun breakout shooting game. Break maze of blocks or bricks with angry fire ball chase to hit like birds set it free. Five level games - kind of slingshot catapult shoot castle breaker. Kids casual trebuche physics mobile 3d level strategy game

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