Clay Jam


Clay Jam's review

by Peter Warrior

A made-of-plasticine mayhem

  • Gorgeous handcrafted design
  • Relatively new gameplay concept
  • Children friendly yet thrilling.
  • No complaints.

"Fight clay with clay"

This game was previewed back on March 2012: we already knew it would be great.

Although we all know that if you mash up enough plasticine of different colors you only get a revolting ball of brownish clay, Fatpebble studio has dared to break this sacrosant rule and allow our blue little rolling hero to mangle everything on its way in order to save their malleable and ductile world. Likewise, another golden rule broken is about "handcrafting" something and put it into a mobile game. Who said that traditional crafting can't be used anymore?

Game animations have been neatly done using stop-motion technique. Period. Wow. By the way, game's about a rolling ball of clay smashing other clay stuff while croquetting downhill and flinging itself onto a clay monster. In order to lead its way you will have to draw paths on the snow, so you can't control directly control it but through the rails you draw instead. First levels may be quite confusing till you get the grasp of it and then, oh then, you can welcome one of the most amazing casual games this year and part of the next for sure. Shopping can also feel a little bit strange at first, but that's a cheap price for a so original concept.

Game's free, but you can purchase boosts if you aren't into enjoying each level and mission. We could only ask for a sort of level creator or something, though it might be too much for asking. Therefore, download, install and enjoy.

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Dec 13, 2012

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