Crisp Bacon: Run Pig Run




    2D side scroller running game with parkour & porkour gameplay elements, cute 2D graphics, silly humor and flatulent atmosphere.

    Take control of our hyperactive hero called Crisp Bacon to run, jump, crawl, climb, roll and fart through challenging levels in a quest to find his little brother. Use your reaction, skill and highly responsive controls to dodge away from spiky hedgehogs, sharp saw blades and rolling trees. Butt-stomp annoying bees or break wind to stop them from chasing you. Use flatulence amplifiers like beer and chili peppers wisely to gain speed and increase air control. Don’t forget to collect acorns, since squirrel mob doesn’t take wild pigs, trampling their forest, lightly.

    • • • Features • • •

    * fast paced and skill based gameplay
    * high variety of game mechanics to learn and exploit
    * level difficulties ranging from chill stroll to touchscreen on fire
    * hardcore mode
    * challenge levels with different game modes
    * funny story line presented via humorous dialogues
    * 2 catchy soundtracks
    * achievements and leaderboards
    * tons of in-game statistics
    * advanced customization of controls
    * a lot of content planned for the future

    • • • Controls • • •

    * tap/hold "jump" button to jump"
    * tap "dive" button midair to "butt smash"
    * tap "dive" button while running to get on all four hooves
    * tap "use" button to use power up you picked last

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