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If you like Counter Strike, you'll love this.

  • Good graphics
  • Lots of variety
  • Mobile Counter Strike
  • Sound lag
  • Might freeze

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"An Excellent Counter Strike Companion App"


CS Guns is an excellent companion app for those who want to get in some Counter Strike action while on the go. The guns are very well rendered and the gameplay is quite smooth. Even if you aren't familiar with Counter Strike, but like first-person shooters, this may be one you want to check out.


The graphics are sharp an the guns look very realistic. A great way to get the Counter Strike feel when you're not at home. The sounds are very realistic to what you'd hear in the actual game. There's also an ability to plant bombs and acquire other accessories for your player.


There could be more heavy guns on offer here. Also there was some sound lag from when the gun was shot and when the sound actually hit the speakers. Also froze once and required a reboot while in the middle of gameplay.

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by William

Mar 19, 2015

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