Deity Wars


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Deity Wars is an epic fantasy card game

  • Original
  • Storyline
  • Amount of cards, items and spells
  • Graphics
  • Chaotic scenery

"Powerful deck"

Deity Wars' scenery is quite similar to other RPG games: swords, spells and magic creatures. However, there are not real fights in here but deck fights.

This is a story about three worlds that get united by a dimensional ascension. That unification brought together both evils and goodness creatures with special skills. Your goal is to become a deck hero, collecting the best cards to make the unified nation a peaceful land to live.

Collect cards, fight against another deck masters, trade skills and powers by exchanging cards and fulfill quests to boost your skills. As other RPGs you will level up, which will unlock even more cards or will provide you the resources to buy them. This will suit those people who just need some cards to get into a fantasy world.

Graphics are simple (bear in mind this is a card game), manga-style. Controls are intuitive and guide by menus. However, gameplay is a bit chaotic, it's difficult to get the hang of it and match storyline and your personal progress as a player. Good for an specific target.

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