Diverse Worlds (BETA)



The world is shaking! A shadow of a global conflict is threatening our reality. What would you do if your routine life ended, and the thin membrane between parallel worlds burst? What if your neighbors became your worst enemies? What if you have to fight your way through blocks and streets of your own city?

Meet the first and the only multiplayer geolocation shooter! Get your phone, track your rivals, attack with plenty of weapons and raise impenetrable defenses in order to achieve higher ranks and become a “big boss” in your sector. Your mobile phone is all you need to enter Diverse Worlds and enjoy exciting tasks set in your real world, participate in challenging battles with thousands players online, form or break alliances and build your career in this extended reality. No matter who you are in real life; in Diverse Worlds you can become a kingpin, a sniper, an assassin or a genius of tactics. Make your choice!

The easy to grasp gameplay is a shooter with the exception that both your friends and foes are in the real world. Set the direction of fire with the cursor and shoot! Hit or miss, the result is displayed both on your phone’s screen and that of your competitor. The more efficiently you fight, the higher rank you will achieve.

• Online geolocation shooter. Unlike conventional gaming, this solid fusion of virtual and real worlds is both fun and social.
• The game starts from where you are. Whatever your location is, the game begins right there. Want to extend your horizons? That is no problem either.
• Multiple weapons. Direct line of sight and ballistic weapons give you plenty of tactical options. A fierce rush attack or a secret ambush – the choice is yours.
• Comprehensive ranking system synchronized with social networks. Gain ranks and share them via Facebook and other social networks. Challenge other players to fight you for dominance in the region.
• Your phantom picks up the torch when you are offline. No one can stay in the game forever. Make your phantom do the job when you are away.

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