Dont Poo On Me : Girl Dash



Have you ever had to dodge falling poo from the sky? Well poor little Alice has. Unforgettable toilet fun in 'Dont Poo On Me !! : Girl Dash'

★ Funny, hilarious, and addictive game play.
★ Cool scrap book style art work
★ Nice fart sounds to grab some attention with friends
★ World top time leader boards

★★★★★ "farts / toilet jokes crack me up, still a great big kid at heart, lol, bring some more updates for it. maybe some guns or a shield" - coffee peep - Sept 3, 2013

★★★★★ "its no super deep game but great stupid entertainment when hanging in a shop or on the bus. im just wondering who drops the pou, birds, guys? haha" - nerd pac - Sept 3, 2013

One day Alice fell asleep in class on her scrap book and started dreaming. She dreamed of candy, being 50 feet tall, and seeing a beautiful rainbow. But things quickly turned in to a nightmare when she found herself caught in a poo storm, oh my god!!

So straight forward to play. Just tap on the screen to dash Alice left and right. Don't hit any of the falling poo and stay clean for as long as possible. You only have 1 life.
Tap on the 'The Best' button in the menu screen to see the heyzap world top leader boards.

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Have fun :)

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