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Enemy Strike's review

by Peter Warrior

Fight aliens in this FPS

  • Free, non obstrusive ads between stages
  • Intense and challenging gaming
  • Runs on average devices
  • Long loadings

"Nobody cares about Boomer"

Well, as we take for granted that everybody knows what a FPS is and how they work: you are alone, enemies try to kill you and you have to shoot them down first. This haven't changed much since Operation Wolf. However, nowadays the spreading of Unity game engine and the upcoming of mobile gaming has brought this already successful genre onto our devices.

Killer Bean studios developed this Enemy Strike, which obviously hasn't the budget of other major FPSs, but it's highly playable and worth of being given a go. Graphics are adequate and would work on nearly any average device, difficulty and learning curves are adequate, sounds (including ratatatatatas and soundtrack) create somehow an Independence Day atmosphere and there's a wide arrange of weapons, missions and upgrades to be entertained for a long while. Icing the cake, aliens come with armored vehicles and floating gunships, so you'll have to make use of your bazooka, which is always appreciated to release stress and re-harmonize your neural system.

Without further ado, a very good FPS specially suited if you can't or want not afford more well-known titles or most likely, if your device can't bear those heavyweighted games but you want to play a thrilling and challenging FPS. And missions last for about two minutes, so this game can be perfectly enjoyed in your daily trips, at least until you run out of ammo and medkits and your weapons aren't good enough: then you'll have to visit the bank and purchase in-game currency: it's a freemium game, in case we didn't tell you before.

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Mar 12, 2013

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