Find Differences 8



"find the difference in the picture"

Find differences between 2 images, compare and spot the different hidden objects.
This is a great classic game for your family. Relax and exercise your brain with a little photo puzzle. High quality picture around the world is waiting for you to enjoy.

Spot the Difference (android version)

Of cause, it works great on both phone and tablets.
Yes, this game also call photo hunt!
Yes, this game also call spot differences!
Yes, let's play Find Differences!!!!

At home screen, click “Play” button to play game. If you finish all 70 levels you will not be able to play anymore (to prevent player play the played level), you must click “Reset Score” to reset all save game. Then image will be shuffle and you can start playing at level 1 again.

- Classic game never die!!!
- Hint system, you will get 1 point of hint when you win the level.
- Auto save your game, no played picture when you back to play.
- Support all screen (ldpi,mdpi,tvdpi,hdpi,xhdpi,xxhdpi) with HD picture, you can adjust screen size while you are playing.
- And yes, classic game never die. You can play it everywhere, every time and it's all FREE.

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