Garfield's Defense 2


Garfield's Defense 2's review

by Peter Warrior

Great sequel for Garfield's defense

  • Graphics and animations
  • Online PvP
  • Overall, no complaints...
  • unless you are a hardcore Garfield's fan

"C'est Monday, mon dieu!"

When we reviewed Garfield Defense time ago, we were able to highlight how faithful graphics were to Davis's work, but how far it all was from Garfield's essence. Garfield is neither The Simpsons nor Family Dad, so there's no need to put aliens or depending on which puns into the story.

Anyway, here's GD2. When possible, characters and design have been improved from its prelude, so any Garfield fan will be pleased with the result: watching at Garfield and his friends to move and act is gorgeous, much better than in any other defense game, because we're talking about a defense game, keep that in mind. You have to invoke troops to assault enemy's base while defending yours.

This game is also more ambitious than the other, as it takes the action outside Jon's house and spreads it all over the world, from New York to the North Pole. A lot of secondary characters from the animated series enter the scene, and fun special moves and weapons.

Therefore, is it a good defense game? Yes, it is, much when you enjoy the online and unseen so far player vs player mode. Will it like to Garfield's fans? Yes, it will. In the end, it will.

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