by Peter Warrior

A fantasy action RPG

  • Immerse and challenging gaemplay
  • Outstanding graphics and animations
  • Overall, great game
  • It could have far more options and characters

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"Fate's written but unreadable"

Nobody knows for sure when this craze about 3D fantasy games as we now them now started, or when they got started to reduce the RPGs elements to just experience points and nothing else, stepping backwards to a more arcade Gauntlet-like kind of gaming. Diablo, perhaps. Who cares.

Anyway, you can choose among the warrior, the archer, the wizard and the healer. They may seem cliches but once you get carried away by the awesome design you may well come to the conclusion that they are indeed stereotypes, but only in their inside. Lead your team of four characters through dungeons (but not mazes) and fortresses, fight to upgrade them and defeat bosses to get rare items. Be warned: this game's free, but some characters (namely, the coolest) require premium currency to be hired, as it happens with the best items. If you are not into pulling out your wallet, it's grinding time.

By the way, graphics are wonderful, even though cartoony design may not be of your liking, animations are lively and lovely, and game's long enough to be enjoyed for days or weeks, storyline included.

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Jun 13, 2013

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