Iron Man 3 - The Official Game


Iron Man 3 - The Official Game's review

by Peter Warrior

Iron Man 3 official game

  • Thrilling and entertaining
  • Different scenarios, bosses and stuff
  • Free yet full of IAPs
  • Upgrades cost time in addition to coins
  • It needs even more stuff (what about Rescue?)

"Miss Pots, are you with me?"

When we heard about an Iron Man 3 game, made by Gameloft itself and that ain't hay, the last thing we would expect was a temple-run-ish game. However, it's far from that, and once you start playing you can figure out why Gameloft has chosen this way instead of a Batman Dark Knight open world approach. In fact, Iron Man 3 is more than a Temple Run with five "lanes" and land and air different scenarios, because as Tony can shoot that laser beam (I'm deliberately not using the official Marvel jargon) at incoming enemies, you fly like if you were being chased by carnivore gorillas, but you attack as if you were playing Fruit Ninja. This creates strange tilt and swipe gestures combination and you'll find yourself holding your device on the left hand and swiping with the right one. Nobody told so much psicomotricity was involved: it must be hard to be Iron Man.

Between defeats or stages, what comes first, you'll pay a visit to the Stark (any kinship with those Winterfell guys?) shop and buy upgrades. These vital upgrades need red coins or blue crystals (aka premium currency) to be bought, and time. If you don't want to wait for your upgrade purchased by the sweat of your metal brow, you can spend blue crystals to hasten the process.

Anyway, we can run this formula down for as long as we want, but plain truth is that it's a very interesting and thrilling game, can be played for free (if your device can bear a 800 Mb download) and will delight children and parents alike.

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