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Jane Wilde is a side-scrolling zombie-themed beat'em up

  • 2D cartoonish graphics
  • Upgrading system
  • Unlockable game modes
  • Different locations
  • No parental control for in-app purchases
  • Boring after a while

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"As beautiful as dangerous"

Zombies and undead don't belong to a specific epoch. This time, they've shown up in the Wild West terrifying even the bravest cowboys. However, there's a sheriff in town: Misses Jane Wilde, the only with the nuts to face the them. She has the courage and the weapons, you have the controls.

Jane Wilde is a side-scrolling beat'em up, so you must advance forward and shoot at any skull or zombie that shows up in front or behind you. You only have to survive until reaching the end of the level to beat it. However, if you want to get the maximum score (three stars) you must fulfill all the three mini-goals in each level: finish the level in time, don't get damage over the given % and collect a minimum amount of money.

In campaign mode there are up to five different location following the railroad, 5 level each location. There's an special "hard" mode and a "survival" mode, that will be unlocked as you progress in the campaign mode.

The game is set in cute 2D cartoonish graphics with well-crafted effects and animations, specially when shooting at enemies. The upgrading system and the different unlockable game modes make it more engaging and challenging. Control are quite intuitive and responsive.

One of the plus points of Jane Wilde is its upgrading system: you can purchase ammo, weapons, powerups, coins (IAP) and even sexy outfits for Jane. Of course, if you don't have enough coins, you can always get coin packs with real money.

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