Kill The Zombies : Undead War


Kill The Zombies : Undead War's review

Don't let zets overrun your van

  • Easy to learn
  • Time waster
  • Needs more stages and more strategy

"Diesel van defense"

In Kill the Zombies, you have to, well, you know, kill zombies (I'm always tempted to add an "again" after "kill zombies", don't you?). To be a little bit more precise, you have to get rid of the zombies pestering you by laying siege to your van. You can stomp zombies against the limits of the screen or onto the ground by dragging them with your fingertip and letting ragdoll physics do the rest. In your way you will get weapons that will help you when the screen is crowded with too many zombies, every one with a different effect: books and boulders will slow them, while guns and grenades will blow them off, for example. Game's bloody but not gory, and graphics give a cartoon look to the whole in contrast to what it comes to be a pretty thrilling game.

Kill the Zombies is free yet ad-supported (ads are shown in pause screens and menus, not in game) and features a 15 stages campaign and a sandbox mode in which we can create our own z-ambushes with those zombies and weapons previously unlocked. As far as we know there are nine kinds of zombies (some faster, other tougher) and twelve or so different weapons (landmines! how didn't anyone think about it before?). There's also an unlimited aka survival mode in case you want to check how long can you last.

At the end of the day, Kill the Zombies is a fun, simple game, quite easy to start with and suitable time waster for casual gamers of all ages.

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