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    LEVEL 22's review

    Published: 2013-10-15, by .

    Level 22 is a fresh stealth game set in retro graphics

    • Original
    • Pixelated retro-graphics
    • Humor
    • Lots of levels
    • Increasing difficulty
    • It may get repetitive

    "Gary's Misadventures"

    Gary went out last night to celebrate his birthday. In consequence, he woke up with a killing hangover and, worst of all, he's getting late to the office. He's been warned too many times about being late, so he wants to sneak into work undetected. Guess who's going to help him? Yes, that's you!

    Level 22 works like a typical stealth game: guards, colleagues and anyone you can come across on your way to the level 22 have a visual field. You must avoid getting into their visual field, although if you aren't too close to them, you can pass by quickly and they won't even notice. But if you stay within their visual field just for a second, you'll get caught.

    Your ex-workmate Marty who was fired recently from the company will help you get to your desk unseen. He will advise you at the phone as well as ask you to grab some stuff that belongs to him. Likewise, you'll have to collect items and use them to open doors, distract guards or hide your face from others.

    Thus, you must guide Gary through 22 levels of fun set in pixelated retro-graphics. Actually, both the humor and the scenery reminds (and well the name of our guy) reminds Leisure Suit Larry. Less naughtiness and more guile in this original stealth game that's worth its price.

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    by Manu , Appszoom

    Oct 15, 2013

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