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Lovely Balloon

Lovely Balloon float up constantly Oh, it points out quickly, and then get scores and see how many points you can get. Game time is only a minute, do not easily let go of these balloons, all of them point out the bar. Balloon addition of 1 to 10 scores Lovely Balloon, there will be a balloon multiplication and division, be careful not to click on to those bad balloons, otherwise your score will be low, oh.

Love is a cartoon balloon game, one size can can enjoy it without having to learn the game, I hope you like it.
There are scores of different balloons of different colors, they will float very fast. Move your fingers to break the balloon within 60 seconds to get your score balloons of different colors have different scores, there are some with the use of balloons, but we must be careful that the bad balloons.

Simple rules, not the same feeling, in Lovely Balloon!

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