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Major Mayhem's review

Major Mayhem is an action shooter game

  • Stunning 3D graphics
  • Over 45 levels
  • Achievements and mini mission objectives
  • Costumes and weapons
  • Nothing special

"Yes sir Mr President"

You embody a US Army Major who's been sent to the Tropic to fight Ninjas who have turned the World into a mayhem. Evil Ninjas have even kidnapped your girlfriend (I guess this was to involve feeling in the storyline).

You have to advance through the war field, take cover behind palm trees and rocks and shoot ninjas that will show up suddenly.

The game is set in stunning 3D graphics with good-looking dynamic environments. Action is guaranteed. Controls are intuitive too: the Major moves automatically you just need to tap the screen to shoot and tap bottom buttons to release special weapons.

Over 45 levels of non-stop action and four different game modes: classic, timebomb, arcade and survival (three latter locked until you reach certain levels in the classic mode). Likewise, there are up 100 different achievements a over 150 mini missions objectives. Fulfill all of them to get the three stars in each level. Different weapons, costumes, enemy units and environments. All of this is what a must-have should have.

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