Medieval's review

by Peter Warrior

Defense game with attacking options.

  • Lots of upgrades
  • Nice landscapes
  • Too slooow.
  • Just 5 levels available for free

"A welcome to arms"

Medieval is nearer to a dragon hunting game rather than a tower defense, though it mixes elements from both. You have to protect your castle at the same time you try to pull down your enemy's. You'll start with a weak and slow ballista and, as it should be expected, all the gold you earn killing enemy troops can be exchanged for defensive improvements (boiling oil cauldrons, palisades...) or attacking units (archers, knights, catapults). Meanwhile, the core of the game is to launch arrows all the time.

How many gold coins you earn per kill depends on what game mode you chose. If you are asking for trouble there's a mode where you must drag every single arrow. Yes, you'll earn a 20% more money and you'll hate this game a 2,000% earlier. The arc mode isn't as generous but it'll be kinder with your fingertips. Lastly, there's an easy "point where you want to shoot" mode which doesn't give any bonus and it's more comfortable. Keep in mind that several hundred arrows are fired each stage when you select your game mode.

Supports 5 languages and has a comprehensive help file in case you haven't played a similar game before. It's a pity that you can't pinch out to zoom in and enjoy graphics and animations properly, the same goes for game pace: a fast forward option would be greatly appreciated at the first stages.

This is the complete version and allows to play beyond the 5 levels the free version brought.

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