Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

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    Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation's review

    Published: 2012-01-02, by Peter Warrior.

    MC3:FN speculates about a hypothetical invasion to USA

    • Graphics, music, voices
    • Gameplay
    • There's a plot, too!
    • Technical requirements
    • Too long and too heavy loadings

    "This time, we'll be who start a guerrilla warfare"

    Here it is. Gameloft flagship. The scenario is quite easy to catch: a coalition of rogue military Russian, Pakistani and North Korean has invaded American territory, shut down communications and satellites and, in short, have kicked up a fuss that only you and your comrades can try to settle. If you're asking how, the answer will be in the form of a first person shooter (FPS).

    Be prepared for an initial downloading of nearly 750 Mb and long loadings before each stage, even if you own a last-end device. It doesn't matter how much battery was left, it'll be too little so have your charger near. Game may lag a little, and controls might be sorta messy.

    In exchange, let yourself be amazed by graphics that have nothing to envy to a PSP game and a lot of little details that make it worth its price, as a control setting suitable for left handed players to name just one. In the end, expect the unexpected from a mobile game. If you were thinking about music, you'll get music and voices and FX; if you pay attention to thrilling gameplay, you'll be immersed in a Hollywoodesque blockbuster. And if you are one of those who care about replayability, don't worry, there's a multiplayer mode to get you stuck on your chair.

    Gameloft uses to set new quality targets each time they release a new game and it's obvious that this is no exception. In fact, forget we've been talking about a mobile game because it's what it is: a video game in capital letters.

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