Ninja Slice! Slice!! Slice!!!



Ninja Slice! Slice!! Slice!!!
The BEST Slice game on MarketPlace, and it's FREE!
Ninja Slice is a cut action game, stimulate destruction with every slash.
Slice wood by your finger, and enjoy cut wood! Help Ninja go home!
Are you a Ninja Cut Master? Let's try!!!

How to Play:
Use your finger to cut the wood and do not separate the Ninjas. Delete wood till reach target percent.


1. Master Ninja
Master Ninja will explode soon some Ninjas! So hurry up!
2. Stealth Ninja:
Stealth Ninja will be transparent every now and then!

>>Buff items:
1. Snow Ice Buff
Catch the snow ice item to slow down all Ninjas a short time!
2. Life Buff
Catch the Life buff item to get an extra life.
3. Bomb Buff
Catch the bomb buff to kill one of the Ninjas.

Expert Mode:
The metal can protect wood from your cutting.So you know how to do.

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