Rage of the Gladiator


Rage of the Gladiator's review

by Peter Warrior

A fantasy gladiator game

  • Breathtaking graphics, beautifully voiced
  • Excellent enemy character design
  • Too much in the line of previous similar games

"Freak colosseum"

Don't ask why, but it seems that gladiator games are becoming popular on mobile devices. Rage of the Gladiator, as its previous counterparts, would be considered a first person fighting game in which you can block, dodge and attack by different buttons and actions on the screen. Whereas a typical fighting game will allow characters to move back and forth and attack at the same time, "gladiator games" are closer to a turn based game because normal attacks inflicts little, when not symbolic damage and strategy is about analyzing your opponent's moves, dodge or preempt in the very precise moment and let throw everything you have.

This RotG is quite fantastic both in its gameplay and enemies, moving away from other more classical (or "realistic") games. You'll face a stormy naga-like medusa, a goblin priest that invokes his god every time he's beaten, and a cliched minotaur, to name the first three, and skill include but are not limited to summon lighting bolts and fire tornados.

This game follows a mixed freemium formula, in which you can play for free but a, there's a stamina bar to prevent too many battles one after the other; and b, eventually your gear won't be enough to beat the more powerful bosses and you'll have to purchase a brand-new brilliant freak-slaying sword or whatever. Meanwhile, enjoy the intense gameplay, the great graphics and animations and, especially, the beatiful music and voices.

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Jun 21, 2013

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