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Serve up custom ramen orders as quickly and accurately as you can

  • Cheery music and graphics
  • Makes you hungry for ramen
  • Many different ways to upgrade
  • Unoriginal

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"Use your noodle to cook bowls of ramen"

Step aside, Maruchan. There's a new ramen chef in town, and he's serving up piping hot bowls of customized noodles to order. Build your umami empire from the ground up in Touchten's Ramen Chain.

You begin your journey penniless and starving. You've abandoned your familial destiny as a fisherman in pursuit of MSG-laced dreams, yet every single ramen shop has turned down your completely empty CV at the door. At long last, however, a kindly old man invites you in for a roof over your head plus a free bowl of noodley goodness, which turns out to be scrumptious beyond your wildest dreams.

It is here that your apprenticeship begins, catering to hungry customers who all have their individual ramen preferences. Serve up their orders quickly and accurately enough, and you'll gain cash and reputation. Leave their tummies rumbling, and it's back to the fishing village with you.

The graphics here are cartoony with a touch of anime, and the music is cheerful. It's a fun app to play even when the barrage of orders gets overwhelming. There are a zillion different aspects to collect - you can fill up your recipe book, purchase decorative upgrades for your restaurant, gain access to new cities, etc etc.

Touchten's Ramen Chain isn't new in concept, but the execution of a slick time management app is spot-on.

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Oct 10, 2013

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