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Robbery Bob Free AJA's review

by Peter Warrior

A sneak and timing game

  • Smart and witty gaming
  • Fun and challenging
  • Original premise and storyline
  • It could have more options

"Burglaring as a sir"

Robbery Rob, besides one more fun game from Chilingo (they're making an impression) is an easy yet witty game that not only doesn't insult your intelligence, but also feels you like a champion when you achieve success in every stage.

However, first things first. This game is half an arcade and half an adventure, as you have to explore and learn passerbies' behavior patterns and when it's the precise moment, stealthy barge in and take what you came for and (big 'and' here) leave. We remark this because you'll son realize that leaving can be the most maddening part of this game.

Levels have been cleverly designed, and this game can guarantee fun for hours. We could only ask for more ninjas (y'know, ninjas are always welcome) and even more levels, challenges and stuff.

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Apr 12, 2013

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