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    Thrust and Throw !

    This is the full version with 30 levels. You may want to test the Schubi Free version (10 levels), also available in google play, before purchasing it.

    You represent pilot Schubi earning his living on construction sites. The job description: Fly your ship over so called dispensers to pick up cargo and load all trucks by throwing cargo at them utilizing the hammer throw principle. Complete this task within the shift duration of 180 seconds.

    - 30 levels with *large* diversity in challenges
    - skill game inspired by the classics Thrust and Space Taxi. Central twist is hammer throwing.
    - gravity challenges
    - hammer throwing physics: hurls, hook shots, balancing cargo over the ships nose
    - meteors
    - pendulums
    - ventilators
    - ufos (nosey alien tourists)
    - catapults
    - cranes
    - balls
    - racing
    - flooding
    - buoyancy
    - cutting cargo from pendulums
    - failing inertia dampers
    - highscore list (you enter your name if you rank among the three fastest times for a level)

    Visit the Schubi homepage for more screenshots, videos and versions for other operating systems.


    By default SWIPES are used for ship rotations. This is preferred for small screens. For a tablet you might prefer onscreen controls for rotations: Go to OPTIONS and change the STEER option to PRESS. If a keyboard is available, you might prefer it as input method. Just use keys A,S for rotations, K for thrust and L for releasing cargo.

    If the ship rotates too fast/slow for your preferences, change the speed in OPTIONS - ROT. SPEED.
    E.g. for onscreen controls the author prefers speed "14" instead of the default. Note that this speed setting affects all input methods.

    When you press Start in the main menu, a short tutorial on controls is presented. If you already watched it, skip it by by pressing the Ok button.

    Controls (the longer version):

    In a level, in the middle of the upper border, an exit button is always present. Press it to cancel the level and return to the level selection menu.
    By default there are no further on-screen controls. You rotate the ship just by applying horizontal swipes in the left two-thirds of the screen. To thrust, touch in the lower half of the right one-third of the screen, to release the cargo touch in the upper half of the right one-third of the screen.
    If you dislike swipes (they offer the advantage of quick ship turns), set the "STEER" option in the Options Menu to "PRESS" and two onscreen controls will appear in the lower left corner when playing a level. Touch there to rotate the ship. If you feel the ship rotates too fast or too slow for your preference, change the "ROT. SPEED" option in the Options Menu: Larger values increase the rotation speed (angle increment), lower values decrease the rotation speed.

    Alternatively, the game can be played with the keyboard:

    A - rotate ship left
    S - rotate ship right
    K - thrust
    L - release cargo

    Other Options:

    The "SFX VOLUME" and "MUSIC VOLUME" options set volume of sound effects and music played within a level.
    The "TUNE" option selects the music track to be played.
    The "DAMPERS" option selects if the ships inertia dampers are active or not. Try to solve the levels using the default "ON" settings. If "OFF", cargo hooked to the ship is not decelerated when rotating around the ship. It may be difficult to regain control of it but allows for more throwing opportunities (=throw angles) in a time. Note that in levels 13, 16, 24, 25, 26 and 28 the dampers are always off and cannot be activated because this is a necessary part of the levels gameplay. In these levels you also hear a sound when the cargo completes one rotation around the ship.

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