Six-Guns: Gang Showdown


Six-Guns: Gang Showdown's review

by Peter Warrior

An open world game set in the Wild West.

  • Awesome setting.
  • Technically nearly flawless.
  • Long gameplay
  • Notifications
  • Needs a top notch device

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"I wouldn't do that if I were you, stranger"

Gameloft has used us to games that can compete hand to hand with any game designed for portables, any flash based game and even some renowned PC and console games. They want to make the most of mobile devices, no matter what the cost is or if a lot of low end devices are left out. In addition, Gameloft may not be the height of originality: their influences are seldom unclear.

In other words, Six-Guns is a mix of all the Wild West cliches ever done, from Ford's Western movies to Steam Punk and ghost stories, so you'll find from cowboys and saloons to banshees and Tesla weapons. Indeed, everything's quite scary around Six-Guns. You'll play the role of a tough guy who will first help a damsel wearing a low-cut dress (when we meant cliche we do mean cliche) and may end gunning down outcasts, outlaws and out of this world foes.

Game's free, though as it could be expected, the best items and weapons can only be purchased with premium in-app currency. Anyway, here's game for hours before you feel you can't advance further without paying at the till. Sound effects, graphics and animations are a luxury that only a few games on market can afford to offer. Mounts are a great -and needed- addition to the game, and there are quite a few NPCs to interact with.

Overall, an awesome game. Maybe too heavyweighted for weaker devices, maybe too time-consuming for casual gaming, maybe with too notifications in the status bar, but undeniably one of the best games so far.

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Apr 16, 2012

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