Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy


Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy's review

by Peter Warrior

A top notch shoot'em-up

  • Over the edge graphics
  • Thrilling action and campaign mode (with aliens)
  • Versatile settings
  • Disingenuous physics

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"Now that's what I call a close encounter"

This new take on Sky Gamblers, Namco's last year blockbuster (more than 5 million downloads on its back) brings the action to a near future and lets us fight against modern fighters... and aliens, Independece Day style. In order to enjoy so, your device must bear 1.6 Gb of free storage and as much as possible have top-notch tech specs.

This game runs over the freemium formula, so you can download it for free but you'll have to let go of some money to pilot the best aircrafts and endure the most difficult campaigns. Perhaps a single several dollars pack to unlock everything would be better than micropurchases, that's up to you.

Anyway, graphics are great and highly detailed, yet keeping that old 3rd person Afterburner look that players feel so comfortable with. City landscapes are awesome, by the way. However, the best part is the detailed settings menu that allows to choose between an arcade-like experience to something closer to a combat simulator. Physics aren't real at all, but it looks like nobody asked for that.

Lastly, the online and social features ensure that, once you install it, it will be kept on your device for a long time. Highly recommendable.

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by Peter , Appszoom

Oct 21, 2013

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