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10,000 - 50,000 downloads

  • Outstanding smoothness and technical performance
  • Respect for this port made with care
  • It won't disappoint retro gamers
  • License checking doesn't allow to play offline
  • Some loading times are to commit hara-kiri
  • It may lag to death in non high end devices
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Expert's Review

"Natsu? Hail Taki for the win!!!"

Reviewed by / Nov 27, 2013

The original Soul Calibur ported to mobile devices as it was

For the uninitiated, Soul Calibur (formerly Soul Edge) is one of the most famous fighting games ever. Period. It's also one of the best, and that's not arguable, debatable or otherwise called into question.

Now, let's go straight to the point. If I may, let me tell you that this is what Namco should do with Tekken, instead of card games: to take advantage of current mobile models superior hardware and bring back the games we loved from the 5th and 6th generation consoles. If the only set back was how to port joysticks into touchscreens, well, it's obvious that somebody should have to figure out something soon, and Namco solves that quite elegantly by placing big A, B, K and G buttons on screen and allowing "guard by naught". in the end, combos back at the time where more like A, A, B rather than up A, back down B tumble K and clap as they're nowadays*. No matter how you look at it, it's odd to input the moves as they were designed for a joystick, and we are sure that it was a great chance for a new approach to the issue.

This means that some movements and sequences such as B K, B, back, abuse of the multitouch capability of your device, but who cares because we can half-circle-forward now. The music is the original, but it would have been great if the "museum" (where you can stare at the artwork you've won so far) was updated and included ringtones. Anyway, on the other hand there are several awesome games modes but one which is unforgivably lacking: there's no multiplayer.

Its only major flaw is that medium-end devices may tremble in simple actions as pausing the game, let alone leave the game in the background to check a message or whatever: when you resume the game it may not be the same and it might be better to quit and run it back over. We'd also have liked some innovative social options other than mere leaderboards and achievements, as sharing or at least saving the replays.

In conclusion, as everything is as it was, it's awesome. You can even choose your favorite character in their second costume. Therefore, the best 3D fighting game for mobile devices. Shame that it was so easy to win such award as there have been so few developers daring to compete.

*OK, I exaggerated a little bit, but everything look easier back then. Perhaps we were younger, who knows.

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Developer's original description available here
SOULCALIBUR is the ultimate in 3D fighting games!
※Requires 200MB of free space to download.
  Download over Wi-Fi connection recommended.

Relive the eternal tale of swords and souls transcending time and space.

The series first appeared in arcades in 1998. By the following year it had been ported to home video game consoles. Now the highly acclaimed “SOULCALIBUR” series is available on Google Play. Enjoy the memorable characters and non-stop action that SOULCALIBUR is renowned for with complete arcade fidelity in the comfort of your own home!

※This game uses Google Play Game Service for achievements and leader boards.

**** Diverse set of game modes *****

 The original battle mode from the arcade version “SOULCALIBUR”.
 Defeat all enemies and make it to the end.

 How fast can you beat the game?

With only a limited amount of life, how many opponents can you defeat?

  How many opponents can you defeat without taking any damage?

  Enjoy viewing a variety of artwork

 Grasp the game’s basics and perfect your technique.

**** Game Features *****

- 19 character roster!
- All character moves faithfully recreated!
- A new virtual game pad that has been fine-tuned specifically for fighting games.
The button layout is just as you remember it!

[Recommended OS]
Android 2.3.3 or above

[Recommended Models]
[Recommended Models]
HTC One X,Motorola Atrix 4G,Samsung Galaxy Note II,Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Motorola DROID 3,Motorola DROID X2,Samsung Galaxy Nexus,Sony Ericsson Xperia Play

HTC EVO 3D,Samsung Epic 4G,Samsung Galaxy S Ⅲ

HTC ONE,Samsung Galaxy S II,Samsung Galaxy S IV

Nexus4,Nexus7(2012 model),Nexus10

(1)Models other than the ones mentioned above, as well as OS versions prior to that mentioned above are not supported.
(2)Depending on usage conditions, the software may be unstable, even on recommended models.
(3)Operation is not guaranteed on the newest iteration of an OS, even if it is the recommended OS.

[FAQ regarding recommended models/OS]
[Questions regarding this software may be directed here]
[NAMCO BANDAI Games Official Site]

Recently changed in this version

- Added support for the NVIDIA SHIELD
- Added support for the OnLive Wireless Controller

Comments and ratings for SOULCALIBUR
  • (67)

    by Roger McMillan on 24/06/2014

    Awesome game and wireless controller compatible

  • (67)

    by Ken Colbert on 23/06/2014

    It would be great if I could get more than just 1 or 2 rounds of play. $14 for a game I can't play.

  • (67)

    by Kevin Briscoe on 21/06/2014

    Needs moga support!

  • (67)

    by Bill Rehbock on 20/06/2014

    Soul Caliber and NVIDIA SHIELD (the super-powerful Android device with an integrated console game controller) is a match made in heaven. The controls are responsive, the game looks gorgeous and plays better than it did in 1998. I just tried connecting the Shield to my big screen TV and we're playing the game with Nyko and Moga Bluetooth controllers! If you have a Shield, this is a must-have game..

  • (67)

    by Jesse Picard on 19/06/2014

    There has been no real good fighters for Android or Apple until now we finally got Soul Calibur now if we can get tekken. The soley best and true fighter on devices so far you cannot get better than this and by the way if you have a s***** old phone don't bother you need something that can keep up graphic wise love it love it love it love it love it

  • (67)

    by Michael Howell on 19/06/2014

    I've been unable to sign into Google Plus to access achievements and the leader boards. This is extremely annoying as I'm the current world record holder for Time Attack mode. Fix and I'll give 5 stars again.

  • (67)

    by John James Brennan on 16/06/2014

    People, don't u listen, I already warned u not to buy this game, until such time they rectify it, don't waste ur money, read the bloody reviews . The game won't work properly, it will keep force closing and u won't be able to save, once it has a fix, then i'll amend this review.