Thor: TDW - The Official Game


Thor: TDW - The Official Game's review

by Peter Warrior

Official game released at the same time as the tie-in film

  • Above average in all areas
  • It can be somehow confusing at some battles
  • It might get repetitive
  • Eventually you will have to pull your wallet out.
  • A multiplayer mode or something would have been great

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"How I met you thunder god"

Gameloft staff has much experience on dungeon crawling games that it must have been easy for them to make use of Dungeon Hunter's engine and mod it to look like Asgard, Midgard, Svartalfheim or wherever Norse myths dwell. Yes, that's what this is, a linear dungeon crawling game wherein Odin's son and his friends break through lashing out left and right. Although you only control Thor himself, elves and other creatures will join at your side in a continued mayhem and chaos.

Graphics and animations are OK, though we've seen better elsewhere. In fact, in order to keep the action going and ensure playability, graphics are seen from afar, and it's hard to enjoy sprites' design. Anyway, it's a well rounded-up game, but it's hard it's appealing to players not used to this kind of games or their closer relatives the beat'em-ups. It vaguely follows the same story as the film it takes its name, so there's an comic-like storyline you can enjoy between stages.

In the end, it doesn't matter whether you've seen the film or even know who Thor or Marvel are. If you're looking for a freemium fantasy medieval dungeon crawler, voilà, here's Thor the Dark World. No experience required.

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Nov 05, 2013

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