Tiny Troopers


Tiny Troopers's review

by Peter Warrior

A real time war game

  • Fraught and hilarious
  • Outstanding design
  • High difficulty
  • Controls may feel clumsy

"Tiny war, huge rewards"

It has to be said beforehand that porting real time strategy games to mobile devices doesn't sound as a good idea at first. Indeed, it isn't. However, Chilingo has managed to come out of it with flying colors, and even when this port from PC may be far from computer games regarding playability, it's a brave and adequate approach to a wild and unexplored genre in mobile gaming.

First off, game isn't easy to master. Controls are, well, improvable, though it's all about tap to move and tap to shoot, and AI sometimes know how to drive you crazy, this is, how to make your troops blow up. Therefore, casual gamers may be fooled by childish graphics and design, but you will quickly figure out that gameplay works in a more serious way. It's also important to learn to dodge, no matter how hard it can be: your stats won't make you win by themselves, they need your help so don't be lazy and move, move, move around.

There are quite a handful missions both primary and secondary, and campaign mode is a little paradise for solo playing. Likewise, there are a lot of items, some of them as impressive as rocket launchers which allow you to destroy houses and scenery.

Just a last advice: leave civilians alive. It's good for them, it's good for you.

Final note: this is the standard version. If it isn't available on your country, check out the international version.

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