Transformers Legends


Transformers Legends's review

by Peter Warrior

Transformers Collectible Card Game

  • Artwork
  • Compulsory Mobage login
  • Predictable and static gameplay

"More than meets the eye"

First off, Megan Fox doesn't make any appearance in this game. If you were looking for her here, you were wrong, likely as you were looking for April O'Neil in any TMNT game so far. In addition, if you were looking for hardcore massive chrome and steel arcade gaming, you can follow Megan fans' steps, because Transformers Legends is...cough...a collectible card game.

As it had to be expected from a CC Game, artwork is awesome, though static, even when they tremble when you tilt your device. Transformations from anthropomorphic robots to cars or whatever are merely poor transitions, so don't sell your soul to the Devil in exchange for that transformation you are missing unless it actually provides a good stat improvement. Likewise, gameplay can be enjoyable even when it is highly predictable and user interface is counter-intuitive; lastly, sound and music are over average in this kind of games, though.

If you are already a CCG player, you may prefer Transformers because either you are suffering a chronic issue of childhood nostalgia o you liked the movie so bad. If you aren't a CCG player and want to start, this is as good as any other.

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May 28, 2013

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