Wild Blood


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A 3D dungeon hack and slashing game

  • Technically outstanding
  • Local multiplayer
  • Great gameplay
  • Too heavy-weighed (2Gb) and demanding

"Lancelot, the mighty"

King Arthur and his lovely sister Morgana have opened the hell's gate and now there are demons and preternatural beasts everywhere. Guinevere is being hold in the highest tower of the realm and will be Lancelot who must be the save-the-day hero. Fortunately in this version, Lancelot is neither a drunken sword for hire nor a too-refined and coward guy. Lancelot is an over-muscled hero with a over-sized sword looking forward for evil-doers and lash out.

Let's set aside historic rigour and focus on the important elements of the game before some Wiccan cultist cries out for heaven's sake. Even when the storyline seems written by Mr. Potato himself (perhaps with the help of a toaster), this game works under Unreal engine. This means, in case you didn't already know, that you will enjoy a console-like graphics, as if you were playing WoW on your Android device. Sound is noteworthy and animations, both player characters' and foes' are awesome. No matter how you look at it, it's a great game that every dungeon crawler out there will enjoy.

Game requires 2 Gb of free space. That's why your device allows SDcard storage, isn't it?

Ten levels, twenty different enemies and final bosses, adequate controls you will have to get used to, and, as it's becoming more usual every day, a multiplayer mode, the easiest way to ensure you don't uninstall it once you have finished the game (which isn't as easy as it sounds). What we liked most is the chance to participate in multiplayer among friends under the same wifi, though there's also an option to go online.

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