Zombie Highway


Zombie Highway's review

by Peter Warrior

A road survival scroller

  • Easy to play
  • Challenging
  • Too repetitive
  • Visually can be deeply improved

"Wasteland trip"

Apart from how many games about zombies are out there, there's a successful sub-genre we could call "zombie road survival games" consisting of letting the road and the zombies therein scroll towards you while you tilt to avoid incoming obstacles. In some way, it reminds of old LCD handhelds.

Of course, our beloved smartphones are able of much more and not only that, because you can introduce new kinds of zombies, new weapons a several interesting variables. In this case, Zombie Highway brings different roads in where you face different weather conditions or play with handicaps. These added stages must be unlocked playing in the previous stages.

However, gameplay is far from other newer similar games, mainly because graphics are very plain and animations aren't precisely to write home about. This doesn't mean it isn't fun, but isn't eye-catching and may become too repetitive too quickly because scenarios don't change and zombies only change their color to reflect their resistance.

Anyway, you know how this works: it's free and low-demanding, just scan the QR or click on download to have your own.

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Apr 24, 2013

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