Zombie Hunter



Zombie Hunter - Endless Tower Defense!
As evil organization held a secret ritual of summoning, the zombie king awake again! In its leadership, various zombies flocked human city, the whole world into a panic!

How to play:
- Tap on screen to firing.
- Drag skill-icon to release the skill power.
- Click the left/right arrow to switch the gun.

Master guide:
● Upgrade fortifications early to deal with unexpected situations.
● Get through the checkpoints as soon as possible, so you can get more powerful guns.
● Smart use of free skills, you can do more with less.
● Numerous guns, and each has a unique attribute and shooting mode.
● You can strengthen the character of the various attributes that make role has a unique way to grow.
● Unique crafted game map, experience the exotic scenery.
● The final stage of each map, there will be a special BOSS awaits your challenge.

Free to play this action tower defense game!

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