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Don't let the bigger particles eat you

  • Challenging
  • Three control modes
  • Entertaining
  • Sometimes it force closes

"The big bang theory"

Big Bang free takes us back to the time when everything started. You're a huge particle of the matter of a once blooming universe you need to absorb the little particles and try not to be absorb by the biggest ones because they will collect all the matter and produce the Big Bang. It's not as easy as it seems, given that each time you move, your mass grows smaller.

After you've chosen the epoch and mission, you will have to accomplish a different but similar task each time, trying always not to be eaten by the bigger particles. One good thing that this app include is that it has three control modes: touchscreen, tilting and trackball. Touchscreen is probably not the most comfortable so you can try the three of them and choose the one you prefer.

The game can be pretty fun and equally challenging, even a bit frustrating sometimes. The main problem is that the app force closes some times but in general is a great entertainment for the boring moments, another type of time passer where you need to be concentrated. GreenLog is the developer of Big Bang free and other apps like Mirror or Lens.

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Jan 20, 2012

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