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    Published: 2011-06-10, by .

    Furdiburb is an alien virtual pet that you will have to take care of

    • Constant updates with extra challenges
    • Cool comic-based graphics
    • Travel out the hut to discover items and characters
    • It seems too simple: just feed and clean feces (but it's not!)
    • It's oriented to a young public

    "Tamagotchi or Nanopets nostalgic? Here you are an Android virtual pet"

    An orange egg felt down from an alien spaceship. A new creature was born from that egg: Furdiburb. And now he'1s looking for someone to grow him up. Would it be you?.

    The purpose is to keep Furdiburb happy by feeding him well and cleaning his place up of his feces. But that's not the only thing you can do in Furdiburb's world (although that's what seems in the beginning). You can explore the map around Furdiburb's place to collect magical items that will heal him, change his appearance or teleport him to a new place. Some of those items will allow you to decorate your place. What's more, you will find different characters on your way.

    Despite at first sight the game can seem too simple, it's updated constantly. And every new update brings new challenges to do, especially out of the Furdiburb's hut. One of the details that makes the difference is that Furdiburb's world daytime is the same than our real-time. That's it, we share day and night at the same time.

    Furdiburb has been developed by, an app and mobile game developer who has launched half dozen apps on the Android market.

    If your maternal/paternal instinct is ON, why don't give a go to an alien who's asking for some love?.

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