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    Published: 2012-10-24, by Peter Warrior.

    A card game about magic and elements

    • Free, no ads
    • Gorgeous artwork
    • Game's too linear.

    "Two pixies join to become a überpixie!"

    In Hellfire, your goal is to close Hell's Gate once for all. In order to do so, you must gather all the cards you can, so you can mix them to make your favorite more powerful. Then, when you are ready, you can face your foes and cast elemental balls upon them, which will inflict as damage as the cards that back them up. Of course, every elemental is stronger against another: earth beats water, water puts fire out and fire, in an unexpected twist of fate, burns death, which kills earth. Air has been excluded, but it doesn't matter, you won't miss it at all. Cards are a compendium of beasts and creatures, with a lovely artwork and originality (vulcano archer pixie being my favorite so far). There are also some animations in the background and when you put two or more cards in the melting pot. They may be quite static, but are better than nothing.

    Once in battle, slow swipe to attack foes in the foreground or long swipe to attack those farther. We would sincerely like there were more attack variety, namely area attacks, chain attacks, poison, whatever. Also some rules are quite obscure, as when wanderers attack or how randomly IA attacks you. On the other hand, navigation through the menus is smooth as silk and improves gaming experience a lot.

    In conclusion, HellFire has been quite a surprise, and it's pretty entertaining. There's no need to be a compulsive TCG collector. Everyone can give it a go.

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