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    Published: 2013-07-31, by .

    Journey To Pluto is a vertical platformer featuring the adventures of Plutoman on his way home

    • Tilt-controlled
    • Challenging
    • 4 different environments
    • Childish
    • Graphics can be enhanced

    "Plutoman... phone... home"

    A little Pluto inhabitant crashed in Earth losing any chance to come back home on his spaceship. Now, you'll have to help him getting back home by climbing from the jungle to the space on a straight way up. Thus, you will have to jump from one platform to the next, dodge snakes, leopards, goats and aliens, float in space and make the most of your abilities to bring Plutoman where it belongs to.

    Journey To Pluto is basically a vertical platformer: although atmospheric conditions change from one environment to the next, gameplay is similar: tilt your device right/left and jump over platforms or avoid them when floating in the space. Above all, don't fall off or you'll have to restart the level. On the top-right corner there's a meters counter to check how far you are from the level goal. The game features 4 different environments, with specific conditions: jungle, Himalayas, cloud and space. You need to complete the previous level to unlock the next.

    The game is set in cute yet childish graphics. Difficulty isn't kids-friendly though: some training and lot of patience are required to beat all the levels. Background music is good as well as the artwork in the cutscenes.

    In brief, a good casual game, perfect for time-killing.

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