Last Hope 3D



Last Hope is a fully 3D space adventure game.
You are taking the role of a space pilot who together with a big "mother ship" have a mission to save the humanity, finding new home planet. In this episode your mission will be to find resources which the capital ship have to use in order to jump distant galaxies.

The episode includes :
- Cut scenes
- Space battles with pirate fighters;
- Landing on planets
- Interactive conversations with enemies. Your words can impact mission objectives.
- Logical quests (mini games) which can bring you some benefits if solved correctly.
- Guard and escort space ships

How to Play :
- Control your space ship in 3D using sensor of your device;
- Swipe over radar to select targets.
- Use thrusters to move faster. They are limited so use them wisely
- Read conversations on cut scenes to understand mission objectives.

If you have some performance problems you can select lower graphics level in Options menu.

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