Ninja Quest


Ninja Quest's review

Ninja Quest is a hilarious game that merges beat'em up and RPG genres

  • Storyline
  • Addictive gameplay (RPG + Beat'em up cocktail)
  • Graphics
  • Humor
  • Needs more levels

"You won't become a Ninja at a snap of a finger"

The world is in a turmoil. Luckily, a Ninja Master found a kid bullied by hooligans without even putting up a fight, which is eager to become a Ninja. A kid whose eyes are strangely similar to a legendary Ninja King known to birth once every century.

You embody that kid on his learning path to become a legend. Through quests you'll level up and improve your Ninja skills while killing enemies and final bosses. If you focus on Ninja Quest's storyline and upgrading system it would seem a RPG. However, each quest is played as a beat'em up. This combination makes the game highly playable. What's more, the game is dressed with a touch of humor that makes it as bizarre as good.

You can choose among three different Ninja profiles: "Attack, Ninjutsu or Luck, each of them with specific distribution of HP MAX, HP Recovery and Attack levels. However, when the kid levels up, it gains some points for boosting those skills. Thus, from that moment the distribution of that skills levels is your concern.

There are up to 8 different quests, increasing complexity and hooking storyline mixed with cute hand-drawn graphics that ensure loads of fun. Another great game developed by Com2Us.

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