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Help PEP save her friend from the evils Pholons

  • Fun and entertaining
  • Challenging
  • Many similar games

"Saving dragon Josy"

PEP the dragon is an Android arcade game where you need to help PEP find his friend Josy, who has been kidnapped by the evil warlock Pholon.

Firstly you can choose the language you prefer and then you can access to the menu. The game consists of jumping, running and fire-fighting all the creatures that you come across. By exploring the world, you need to collect the spells, that can boost up the fire powers: Ignitum (Sronger dragonflame), Incendium (magic fireballs) and Arquatus (Rainboyw rays), Papula (soap bubble), Crinis (Guardian), Vivacitas (Extra life) and Stiria (Iced path).

In Settings, you can select Arcade mode, in which you need to use the arrows to move left and right or the Balance mode where you need to tilt your phone to make it move. Although Arcade mode might seem the easiest way, it's not as smoothly as it should, as the controls are both located on the left and it's kind of hard to tap on the correct arrow. There should be one on each side to make it easier.

Besides that, the game is pretty entertaining; it's not really easy as you will encounter many enemies along the way and you'll need several items to confront them but it's challenging and fun to play. The graphics are really similar to other games in the same category and overall it's a good game with many different features and ten worlds to unlock. PEP the dragon was developed by pepworks, with only this game in the market so far. We hope them a long and successful career as developers.

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