Steam Punks


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Sidescrolling platformer RPG with steampunk flavor

  • High attention to detail in visual design
  • Tons of weapons/equipment upgrades
  • Steampunk flavor is delicious
  • Uncomfortable controls prohibit playing for long

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"Steampunkery and skulduggery"

Almost every geek I know admires the steampunk aesthetic and vaguely wishes s/he dressed more in that way, yet no geek I know actually does so. Perhaps I'm kicking it with the wrong crowd. Monster Robot Studios' Steam Punks is a sidescrolling RPG adventure that might let you live out your dreams of steam-powered futuretech without shilling out for a tin fedora.

You are Elite Enforcer Dunns Calhan, on a mission to take down the brutes of the Bowler Gang (yes, wearing the eponymous hats) and retrieve the stolen contraption. The action is akin to Mega Man X and other classic SNES games, with sprawling levels inviting exploration. You'll upgrade your steampunkish weapons along the way, from basic pistol to hook shot to mortar-blade to the legendary Alchemy Gun. Masks give you power upgrades, and various enchanted equipment can boost your power as well.

The graphics are pretty good, retro-pixeled with plenty of attention to detail. The game gets hung up on controls, though, relying on on-screen buttons imitating those on old-school controllers, which just doesn't translate well to mobile. I really wish moving about felt more satisfying, because I'd love to explore all the worlds to the fullest.

Monster Robot Studios' Steam Punks dabbles in a genre rich with possibility, but misses the mark when it comes to the controls.

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by Janel , Appszoom

Mar 12, 2014

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