The HinterLands: Mining Game

The HinterLands: Mining Game

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The HinterLands is a mining game, similar to Terraria or Minecraft, but created specifically for mobile devices.
The game is currently in alpha stage, and will continually be updated with additional features.

The short term goals are to include most of the mechanics from similar mining games, to provide the best experience on mobile devices. The long term goals are to add more focus on RPG elements, and to add additional multiplayer game play mods.

The game is being released as an alpha version to try to get feedback on features you want earlier on, based on feedback.

So please leave a 5 star review, and let me know what you would like to see developed first in the game.

Currently the Game Features:
• Ad supported version - Completely free, but with ads to support development
• WiFi full Multiplayer
• Character Customization (boy, girl, colors of body parts and clothing)
• Randomly generated worlds
• Tools: Axe for chopping down trees and wood; Pickaxe for harvesting dirt/grass, sword for attacking enemies, and hammer for removing items+ backgrounds
• Enemies: A tar enemy that damages you when bumped
• Saving and Loading World+ Player
• Inventory system
• Crafting system craft craft tables, doors, and wooden tools! (craft trees into wood, use that to build stuff)
• Beds for changing spawn, Chests, and Anvils+Furnaces for ore based weapons and glass!
• The Hinterlands is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at
• Lighting system (Initial) and night/ day cycles
• Zooming in game, and even in the inventory for even low resolution devices to see more of the world

Currently Planned Upcoming Features (highest priority):
• Multiplayer using “Google Play game services”, to remove limitation of only being able to play over wifi (without using port forwarding), as well as bluetooth, and Android 4.0+ adhoc wifi
• New character models and animations (+more hairs, outfits, ect)
• Advanced combat system, for making battling enemies tons of fun
• Armor and weapon customization
• Chat system
• New Biomes and Bosses
• A lot more enemy mobs, and non hostile mobs
• Farming
• Water (physical flowing water, oceans, buoyancy)

Future Planned Features
• More complex world generation screen (options to make it more mountainous, more water, rich world, ect)
• NPC's for quests, tutorials, and as pets
• Different gameplay mods (PvP, to battle other players, Dota type tower defense, with creep generation from different sides of a world, and turrets)

• Use the left joystick to move around in the game
• Use the right jump button to jump (or up on joystick)
• Either click on a tile up to 4 tiles away, or just click on a side of the screen to harvest tiles closest to you in that direction
• You can save your world and character when you exit the game, which has the button inside your inventory
• Gather trees, turn into lumber, and craft tools. Hold down on a stack to split it(every 1.5s)
• Zoom using 2 fingers in the game, and even in the inventory!
• Move items around in the inventory by holding down on them for 1s
(To follow daily progress updates, or add suggestions visit the blog at:

This is a WIP, so let me know what you want to see next and give 5 stars, and I can prioritize upcoming features. Thank you for playing and rating the game!

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Recently changed in this version

• plants: tomatoes, turmeric, tulips
• bugs + butterflies + net to catch them
• carpet + stones + dyeable bed + red, green, blue, and yellow dyes
• new potions: fast health regen, damage decrease, instant dig
• new stone and mud tars below surface
• chat system in multiplayer
• No longer requires SD card to save
• fixed ghost sheep bug
• updated day time music
• made desert deeper

Still loads to do/fix, keep giving feedback!
(follow progress on the blog:

Comments and ratings for The HinterLands: Mining Game
  • (62 stars)

    by Hazel Coe on 18/04/2014

    He plays it way to much

  • (62 stars)

    by Salma Champa on 18/04/2014

    Borin but fun

  • (62 stars)

    by abhishek ram on 18/04/2014

    Thx but still when we are in online and someone tries to join it take forever to join pls help

  • (62 stars)

    by Adil Nawaz on 18/04/2014


  • (62 stars)

    by Delton Bright on 17/04/2014


  • (62 stars)

    by W Fung ming on 16/04/2014

    Fat old bad game shout down your business

  • (62 stars)

    by acetoys on 16/04/2014

    I don't realy like this because after a piriod if time everything went tiny.