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by Peter Warrior

A rich point and click adventure

  • Awesome atmosphere and storyline
  • High quality yet indie touch
  • Nothing relevant

"It's blackening"

While we were wondering why mobile gaming isn't as fertile soil for classical adventure games as it would seem, here it comes Yesterday, created by Spanish developer Pendulo Studios and distributed worldwide by Bulkypix. If Yesterday reminds you of that lovely PC game called Runaway, it's because Pendulo is behind both titles.

Yesterday brings a native interface -especially suitable for tablets- to make gaming experience more enjoyable. However, its best virtue is how deep and rich its storyline is, a truly noir novel in which you actually want to find everything to advance to further stages and how what's going on and why (and who's the assassin by the way). In addition, it's well worthy to have your earphones at hand, because soundtrack is absolutely above average regarding this kind of point-and-click games. The hint system has been delicately designed to let players safely tightrope walk between spoilers and insanity.

You will play alternatively one of the three player characters to unwind the story. Everything around this game has a careful, high quality yet indie touch, from several brush strokes paying homage to the genre to an overall atmosphere of intrigue and mystery. Although there are no gore or nude scenes, there's blood and guts here and there, so this game may not be suitable for children. We'd like a system to choose between a bloody and a milky version of the game, if it isn't much to ask.

This is the complete version of the game. Know that there's a demo version, in case you want to taste it first and check how it looks like on your screen.

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Dec 05, 2012

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