Airforce Fighting Ⅱ



Got time to be kill while waiting for bus,coffee,ect.?
Wanna have fun with little time but gain huge happy experience?
Still remember called arcade games?
Just join us,enjoy happy 'little' time!

Airforce Fighting Ⅱ is a vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up ("shmup") arcade game.

There are eight stages in this game. The beginning stages consists of randomly chosen areas from nations of unselected fighters (assuming those fighters have nations). If Rabio or Lepus is chosen, all four rival nation stages become playable. After completing all rival nation stages, there are four more stages. Player and team-specific endings occur after completing the 1st loop. After completing the 2nd loop, the ending consists of all pilot pairs giving a speech, with the 2nd pilot in the last pair giving a cheat code.