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    Don't complain that it doesn't work if you didn't read instruction below.
    Amazing Alex Toolbox makes playing Amazing Alex even better with such features as unlock all worlds, reset all levels, backup and retore your progress, multiple profiles for different players on a single device.

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    Work with all versions of Amazing Alex in a single app:
    - Amazing Alex Free
    - Amazing Alex Premium (Paid version)
    - Amazing Alex HD

    ========== Important! ==========
    - This is a tool. NOT THE GAME!!!
    - You must play at least 1 level in the game
    - This app does NOT require root access to your device, but behavior will differ on rooted and unrooted devices:
    . On rooted devices, everything is straight forward
    . On unrooted devices, such functions as reset levels and backup work as normal. But unlock, retore and profiling have some strange behavior: you can only unlock/restore 1 world at one time. To unlock/restore next world, you need to open the game again, play at least one game of the new world, and then re-run this app and repeat your operation (unlock/restore). Repeat this step until you get all worlds unlocked/restore. This behavior is dued to the implementation of the game itself, it's not up to us. We are very sorry for this inconvenience.

    ========== Features! ==========
    - Support all 3 versions of Amazing Alex
    - Root access is easier but not required
    - Unlock
    . Unlock ALL worlds in all 3 Amazing Alex versions
    . Unlock ALL 3 star scores in all levels off Amazing Alex Free and in 2 first worlds of other versions. New 3 stars coming in next version
    . New unlock (3 stars) coming soon.
    . Reset ALL levels to their initial state
    - Backup/ Restore
    . Never lost your progress with backup and restore feature
    - Profiler
    . create multiple users with individual progress on one device for all 3 Amazing Alex games. You can peacefully share your handset with your family members/friends who want to play Amazing Alex on your device and keep your own scores and unlocks intact
    . can create new empty profile for new player
    . can create new profile from the progress of current player
    . switch between profiles without lost of any progress

    We are not affiliated with the creators of these great games, but we thank them daily for their amazing creation!

    Next version:
    - backup to external SD card
    - backup to our cloud
    - backup to DropBox
    - share your progress to other devices
    - unlock all 3 stars in all versions

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