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=> Backup ALL Angry Birds (normal,Seasons,Rio and Space) for FREE!

Angry Birds Backup is in no way affiliated with Rovio Mobile Ltd
Angry Birds is a trademark of Rovio Mobile Ltd
All images used were re-created by me, but are trademarked by Rovio

Usable by anyone, from everywhere to share through multi-device your Angry Birds's scores which could also avoid the use of a computer or root your devices)

Hey, have a look at the 4.6/5 stars that I have on Google Play (Market) !

Be sure that I have been supporting any issue and have been providing help to any email I have been receiving so far.
YOU : If for any reason, you had a failure on any device, just send me an email and we will work on that !

Though.. this version 4.0 permits :
- Local (/sdcard/ABB) AND online backup...
- Click on the Angry Bird icon (whatever version) will launch it, no need to go to the menu, find the app...!!!
- More checks to check external storage location,
- Description and help menu improved,
- Backups stored online for a restore in case of crash or on any other device !!
- Support of Amazon - Angry Birds games,
- Contact added on help menu.. in case of !

Angry Birds Backup will allow you to backup and restore your skills on any device now Online for free !!

=> Click Angry Bird icon to start playing, check the box to backup/restore !

To restore on any other device (non rooted) :
-1 Install Angry Bird + AngryBirdsBackup on the NEW device,
-2 On ABB, click on Angry Birds version, play one level,exit,
-3 Restore your former levels and scores with AngryBirdsBACKUP !

* Just make sure that your UUID (Angry Birds Backup unique identifier) is set correctly and the same on the two devices.
* Press menu key and 'Help' button for help !!

There are lots of such apps on the market.. but why mine ... ?

- it is free
- no need to be rooted (jailbreak)
- it is Online (no PC needed)
- compatible with all hardware devices (Samsung,HTC,Sony...)
- compatible with Android 2.0 and UP until 4.1 aka Jelly Bean that doesn't work!!
- handles all Angry Birds versions in one App,
- easy to use,
- local backup AND cloud backup (internet)
- really small packet 170 kb size,
- support for new Angry Birds or functions will come on future versions.
- support of Angry Birds Normal, Seasons, Rio, and Amazon Free releases.

* Tested successfully on HTC Desire 2.2, HTC Aria 2.4 and Xoom 3.1, 3.2, Gtab 3.2, 4.0, GNote 2.3...
--> Doesn't work under Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean :(

* All the updates will be provided on Google Play, I am not responsible if this app has ben installed from another alternative source !

Thanks to :
- Hannes Kr. - German translation !
- DeviLBlooD - German translation !

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