Anti Terror Force


Anti Terror Force's review

by Peter Warrior

A static first person shooter.

  • It's free, after all.
  • Bland gameplay
  • Technically should be improved.

"Bring terror-cracy down"

Anti Terror Force is one of those poor descendants of Operation Wolf and related games. You play in first person and, in this case, you don't walk sideways not the screen scrolls anywhere, so your mission will be aiming to your legion of enemies and shooting them down as soon as they stick out from the edge of the screen or a window.

By the way, be careful to not run of out ammo (there are ammo boxes that, as no one has ever explained how, are taken by shooting at them) and change your weapons accordingly. Graphics are quite dull and sounds are greatly improvable. The most important, gameplay, isn't as bad as the first paragraph of this review could assume, but it's certainly nothing to write home about. Indeed, the best of all is that it's free, though this is also besmirched: you'll be rewarded with a shortcut and a bookmark. Yes, as the developer himself claims they can be easily removed dragging and dropping them the usual way, so perhaps it would be better just to add in-game apps if the goal was to keep the app for free.

Game requires flash, though it shouldn't be a problem to anyone, and it may be even fun if you haven't ever played a FPS before and as long as you don't explore a little bit further for something a little bit better.

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Jun 06, 2012

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