Anything Colors

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    First of all, please gather materials.
    You can decorate your home by making furniture using materials you have collected.
    Your house will be filled with furniture that has been colored to your favorite color.

    And you are free to change the color of the curtains and walls and floors of the house.
    You can also change the color of the sky and sea and ground.
    In addition, you can make fluttering petals and snow in the scene.

    When there is a scene within the screen favorite to you, please shoot it as a screen shot.
    Screen shot can be stored up to five, image of your choice will be displayed in the application startup.

    By combining the box, you will be able to create a shelf.
    (* Until you complete the assembly of the shelf, please do not rotate the frame.)

    By putting the stairs, you will be able to use the attic.

    There are 40 different furniture, the same furniture can be placed up to 5.
    However, with the following exceptions.
    ×18 (box)
    ×15 (long box)
    ×9(chair, stool, tableware set, lantern)
    ×3(frame for box, clock, cabin, kitchen cart, piano, fireplace, fountain, stairs)

    Method of operations :

    ・Move forward or backward : Use the grid below the lower left or center
    ・Jump : Double-tap or two fingers touch
    ・How to get the material : Touch or passes over
    ・View details of furniture (change the color / move / rotate / decompose) : Long touch

    You can move the furniture in a way that directly press when you turn on the toggle switch in the middle left side of the screen.

    * Most of the files will be installed in the SD card.

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