Robin Hood is the archery shooter in this bow and arrow game.

    Pull back on the bow's string, aim and release the arrow: the aim of the game is to hit the centre of the target with the arrow.
    You have 10 arrows in this archery game. Every time you hit bull's eye on the target, you get one extra bonus arrow.
    Archery shooter is a game that will test you precision!

    Great graphics, realistic physics and arrow sound, we hope you will enjoy this game!

    Make sure you share your high score on the leaderboard to compete against other players on Android to make this a multiplayer archery shooting game. Make sure you return to the Archery shooter android app to check that you still have the highest score!

    Tags: Free archery shooting games, bow & arrow games, skill games, shooter, robin hood shooting game, longbow archery, sherwood forest. similar to archery world cup 2, but from a side view! Not quite 3D graphics, but almost!
    Archery scoring leaderboard to play against your online friends!

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